Safety tips

Safety tips :

Our advice for safe shopping

Make an appointment with the seller in a public place (cafes, shops, at work, etc.) and preferably at a rush hour of the day. Avoid night meetings in an unusual, unlit place, etc.

Check the quality of the product before buying it,

Avoid paying in advance or transferring money via services like Western Union, MoneyGram, payment by mobile operators (MTN, MOOV, ORANGE, etc.)

Never give your personal information to a seller or a rental company (bank details, credit card number, etc.)

Beware of overly attractive prices, too low prices.

A too good offer can hide a scam,

Flee and denounce any person or company who presents themselves to you as a representative or an intermediary of,

In truth, in truth, I tell you: does not have any intermediary or representative or commercial agent,

We do not arbitrate any conflict between sellers and buyers.

Our advice for selling securely ;

Systematically request a phone number from buyers who contact you by email, and check that it is valid,

Avoid getting paid by money transfer, international card, checkbook or any other unusual means. Prefer a cash payment,

Beware of buyers located abroad, I is a local classified ads site in the local currency or currency,

Never send your item to a buyer before he has paid you,

This list of tips for buying and selling is not exhaustive.


Some tips for detecting a scammer or fraud :

Be particularly vigilant when:

The name of the seller or the store is foreign,

The phone does not correspond to a valid local number,

The description contains a skype account, a price in foreign currency or a request for payment by an unsecured means,

The price is too precise. Sellers generally offer round prices, while fraudsters will tend to convert a dollar price into the local currency,

Each ad is validated by our team of expert moderators to allow you to sell and buy securely on our site. However, despite our seriousness in moderation, certain announcements may escape us.

Help us better protect you when you feel that an ad is false or fraudulent, report it immediately.

If a buyer seems suspicious, send us an email via our contact form.

We do not arbitrate any conflict between sellers and buyers .